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How Stockings Complete an Attractive Outfit


Are you planning that big party or gala, and want to find something special to wear? Well, whatever you choose to wear, be sure to add a sexy pair of stockings. Your man will not be able to take his eyes off of you, all night long. Stockings can add an extra zing to your outfit. Women used to get ridiculed when they chose not to wear stockings with their work wardrobe. A lot of women continued wearing them, even though they were uncomfortable. But with the new styles and designs, stockings can be fun to wear again.


Stockings in the 60's


Remember those old granny nylon stockings? Well, I bet if you ask your grandmother about them, she would be able to describe how binding they made her feel. They were so uncomfortable to wear during the summer because they made it feel twenty degrees hotter than it would have without them. The old-fashioned pantyhose felt like they reached all the way up to your neck. During the day, you felt like your circulation was being cut off around the waist area. Restrictive and ugly, pantyhose were required to maintain your modesty in the workplace. 


Hide Imperfections


Many women chose and still choose to wear pantyhose to cover blemishes, scars, and varicose veins. Speaking of varicose veins, the sheer nylon pantyhose were prescribed for women that had these problems to prevent them from getting worse.


New Age Stockings


No more wearing pantyhose to maintain your modesty or to hide blemishes. Women wear them now because they want to add a new sex appeal to their appearance. With many different types of stockings available in today's market, women can choose a pair to match each outfit in their entire wardrobe. 


Fishnet Stockings


Fishnet stockings add a sexy appeal to any type of lingerie. Many women tend to play dress up for their husband or significant other by wearing costume lingerie. Why not become a seductive, dominate woman strutting a pair of these pantyhose. Your partner will go crazy when he sees you wearing a pair of stilettos and fishnet stockings.  They are available in many different colors, to match any sexy outfit whether you are wearing a nurse's costume or a maid's costume. You will find that perfect pair to suit you.


Thigh High Stockings


Many women choose to throw on a pair of thigh-high stockings rather than wear a long pair of pantyhose, because they can be less restrictive and cooler in the summer. Most of these have a stretchy band at the top, which ensures to prevent them from falling down while you are being active in your every lifestyle. Some ladies wear them with a garter belt, which gives you more security to prevent them from sliding down the legs. 


Garterbelt Stockings


These types of stockings are very convenient for today's women, because the garterbelt is attached to the stockings. This is great because it reduces the time that is required to find a matching pair. The garterbelt stockings are very sexy and your husband will love them. The garterbelt is worn over top of a thong or bikini underwear to give it an extra sexy appeal. They are available in plain nylon, sheer, fishnet, and patterned nylon. Every pair will definitely be flattering added to any type of lingerie.  


Garter Leggings


Garter leggings are surely a way to add spice to your love life. These are available in vinyl and leather. The leggings have an attachment that hooks to a pair of panty styled garter. Straddle your lover's motorcycle and invite him on a ride. He will be entranced with your sexual beauty. You will leave him begging for more.


 Pantyhose with a Back Seam


The black seam that runs down the back of a pair of stockings is definitely a great added feature to give an extra boost to your sex life. These will give your dress suit an added look of professionalism. Whether you are dressing up for your man or going to work, these will make you look sexy and classy. They will match any pair of stilettos that you may wear that day. This will draw much attention to your well fit legs. 


Wide Lace Garterbelt


Nothing says sexy more than a wide lace garterbelt. This works great for women that have a few extra pounds that which they want to hide. The wider waist area gives women the extra support that they need when wearing dresses. It will allow you to breathe freely while giving your body a fit look. Not that there is anything wrong with being a plus size, but no one likes a fat roll hanging out above their waist line. This works perfectly with any type of lingerie that you wear. 




Now with all the beautiful, sexy pantyhose and stockings on the market today, get out there ladies and shop till your heart is content. Keep that significant other in mind. Think about what he would like to see you in tonight. It can be fun and definitely bring excitement to your sex life. Your man will want you to wear those twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. So you have a lot of shopping to do in order to please him. Do not think of pantyhose has a hindrance; think of them as adding pizzazz to your life. There is a continuously changing trend with how pantyhose are being designed today. They are being made to fit a woman, and bring out her sex appeal. Men, do not wait on your woman to buy that sexy lingerie, get out there and do some shopping yourself.


Nothing says, "I love you" louder than giving your lovely lady a sexy pair of stockings. You are guaranteed a wonderful night, in the bedroom, if you make her happy with your purchase. Do not be ashamed to go in a lady's lingerie shop, because you are guaranteed that you will not be the only male shopper in the store. 


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