• Getting in the Mood with the Perfect Panty Sets

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    Getting in the Mood with the Perfect Panty Sets


    This is the time of the year when you’ll want to thank your partner for buying you something special. This can be done very easily, by wearing something special and sexy. This will entice your man to take you home, get you in the sack and play that game all night long. Don’t be ashamed ladies! It is important to keep our men happy and one way to do this by spicing up our sexy lives. By wearing sexy panties, we can tease and please our men at the same time. This is very good advice that all women should consider and take advantage of.


    From the Manufacturer: From the Exposed Sequin lace collection this style includes stretch satin bra with embroidered sequin lace cup underwire back hook and eye closure adjustable shoulder straps and a large satin bow. Matching mini skirt features stretch satin lace criss-cross ribbon trim and a large satin bow. Set also includes matching g-string. When it comes to panty sets, you’ll find that your options are pretty much endless. There are a variety of styles, an assortment of colors and a number of different lengths and cuts. With all of these options available to you, it can often be difficult to make the right decision, but you shouldn’t hesitate. Your man will appreciate your effort regardless. However, there are a number of things that should be taken into consideration when purchasing a panty set. First, you’ll want to think about your figure. Finding the perfect panties for your individual body is important and can make or break the entire appearance.


    You’ll also want to purchase something that you actually like. Just because you want to please your man, doesn’t mean you have to wear granny panties with footballs etched all over them. Instead, find a sexy and cute design with colors that you can appreciate and wear often. This will ensure that you get the bang for your buck and will be able to wear the panties numerous times.


    Types of Panties


    When shopping for panties, you’ll instantly be overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available to you. For instance, you’ll discover hipsters, v-kinis, tangas, thongs and g-strings. Depending on what you’re wearing above, you’ll want to match your panties to fit your overall outfit. When you do this, your man will be pleasantly impressed each time he removes an article of clothing.




    These are more moderate panties that can be worn under miniskirts and pants. They tend to resemble the style that is typical of boy shorts. They are generally worn a little lower about the hips. These panties are very sexy and really show off tight buns.


    Bikinis and V-Kinis


    These are typically worn lower on the hips than hipsters. However, their waistbands are generally very thin. These articles can be worn comfortable each day and every day. Of course, you’ll need the confidence to let your behind so free, since these cover very little skin in the back.




    These panties provide a middle point between bikinis and thongs. Before stepping into a thong, you may want to try out a tanga first. They cover a little more skin in the back but much less than the bikini. Give your man a little to look at, while jumpstarting his imagination by wearing a tanga.



     Be romantic in this classic lace two piece set. Set includes a 3/4 sleeve tie top and matching g-string

    Now, we’re getting smaller and sexier. Do we really need to explain the thong? Since the thong doesn’t leave any panty lines, they can worn in almost any occasion with pretty much any assembly, whether its jeans, dresses or pants. Again, you’ll need the confidence to show off your backside. The thong leaves little to the imagination in the rear.




    Now we’re talking. The g-string is the sexiest of sexy for women. Let’s face it, the g-string will drive you man up the wall. If you feel comfortable in one of these, you’ll be able to wear it in a variety of outfits including pants, dresses and jeans. While your front has minimum coverage, your back has next to none. Once you work your way up to this, you’ll be ready to present your assets to your significant other. Give a try and you might just get lucky.


    Things to Consider when Purchasing Panties


    When buying women’s underwear, you’ll always want to purchase a matching bra. Another thing to consider is your clothing. If you’re wearing a see-through dress or pants, you’ll want to avoid dark colors. Instead, wear underwear that has a skin tone color. This will help hide your underwear from prying eyes; unless that is the look you’re going for.


    Showing off your assets is very important. Do you have a nice round tush? If so, you’ll want to let your man see it in all of its glory. You can do this by wearing more revealing underwear, such as a g-string or thong. If you don’t have fit buttocks, you should consider purchasing shaping panties. These will help shape your bottom and give it a little fluff. Your partner will definitely get a rise out of this combination.


    Keeping it BasicPretty as a pin-up! This three-piece outfit feeatures a rubber-look vinyl bra, g-string, and lace-up back skirt in fierce fuschia for that super-sexy pin-up girl style.



    Let’s face it; we’ve all got a little extra around the waist. This isn’t a problem when wearing high-waist briefs. These types of underwear are capable of slimming down your midsection and will make you look sexier than ever. Moreover, these are a bargain and can be worn over and over again.




    To really get your man excited, you’ll want to wear the right panty sets. Find a matching combination and it’ll surely do the trick. Remember that it is important to purchase underwear that will perfect your figure and show off your most valuable assets. You can go sexier and more risker, depending on your tastes. If you’ve got the confidence to pull it off, go for the G-string. If not, don’t worry, you’ll look just as sexy in a sexy bikini.

    Sometimes the best options are the most basic. There is nothing wrong with sporting a basic bikini. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also show off your behind and get your man excited. Choosing a nylon and spandex bikini panty set will ensure that they’re comfortable and keep their shape with repeated wear.

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  • Sexiest Seductive Accessories for Women can all be find at Aguicheuse

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    Sexiest Seductive Accessories for Women


    When it comes to teasing your partner, you need to dress with accessories. This can take a lot of preparation, work and patience. There are a number of different items that you will want to consider wearing when trying to seduce you man. While most people instantly think about shoes, bras and panties, there are a number of other items that you can wear. By wearing sexy accessories, you’ll be able to look good, tease your man and get some good nighttime action.


    Types of Seductive Accessories


    When you go to research seductive accessories, you’ll quickly encounter an endless array of options. With this type of selection, choosing the perfect accessory or accessories can be very difficult. First, you’ll want to examine the different types of accessories. You can wear a sexy garter belt, leg garter, bow, wig or even some gloves. Each of these items will be able to spice up your appearance and get your man going.


    Playing with Wigs


    When looking to spice up your sex life, look no further than wigs. With a wig, you’ll be able to completely overhaul your sex life. Changing your hair color will give your man a new thrill. However, you shouldn’t stop there. Instead, play around and roll play a little. Change your hair color and change your entire identity. Use your imagination and go with it. Nothing can go wrong and your man will certainly appreciate the effort. He’ll definitely want to repay you for your hard work and consideration.




     Only with the right accessories an outfit is perfect! Slightly shiny satin fingerless gloves for many occasions. Total length about 39 cm. When I think about wearing gloves, I instantly imagine myself giving my man a strip tease. We’ve all seen the movies. I am sure you remember the part when the woman pulls off her glove using her teeth. Come on. What’s sexier than that? I’ve always wanted to play this type of role and by buying a pair of sexy gloves; I’ll be able to do just that. This is just one of the many ideas that I can come up with for gloves. Don’t hesitate to experiment. What could go wrong?


    Garter Belts


    Do I even need to go into detail here? These things are just so dang sexy! We’ve all seen the sexiest women in Hollywood strutting their behinds in some sort of garter belt. Check out your man the next time he sees a woman in a garter belt on television. You won’t even be able to get his attention. Trust me ladies! A garter belt can work wonders on your man. If you don’t want an entire belt, you can purchase a simple leg garter. This is a very sexy alternative and will allow you to play the role of the stripper or harlot. Imagination can dramatically improve your sex life.




    What can I say about bows? They’re cute and sassy. By wearing a hair bow, you’ll be able to grab your partner’s attention. Move his eyes away from your other assets and attract them to your beautiful face. Make your man look you in the eyes and you’ll have total control. Our eyes can be just as powerful as our breasts and butts. Don’t be afraid to be assertive and let your eyes do the talking. Do this correctly and no words will be needed.

     Sex and Mischief Grey Satin Blindfold: A luxurious double-layered satiny blindfold with trim and thin dual elastic-strap for a comfortable fit. Polyester fabic, polyurathane foam, and elastic.

    Blindfolds and Handcuffs


    Oh girl! Now we’re getting into the fun stuff. Want a little role-play? Or maybe you want to completely overhaul your bedroom experience. Grab your man, get a blindfold and take complete control. Be sure to talk dirty and work your partner into a frenzy. By the time the blindfold is removed, you man will be raring to go. You won’t be able to keep his hands off of you.


    Handcuffs will give you another way to control you man. Don’t be ashamed to tie him to the bad! This way you’ll have complete control over the situation. Push him around a little, talk dirty to him and then you’ll be ready for a good time. Combine both items for the total package. You’ll give your partner something to think about for several weeks.




    Pasties are extremely cute and very fun to wear. Put on a pair under your shirt and get your man into your private quarters. Once you’re feeling up to task, pull off your shirt. Your significant other will be very amused. Buy a pair of pasties with tassels and you’ll be able to entertain your man for hours on end. Do a little dance and watch the fabric bounce from side to side. Once he’s ready, you’ll be going for a ride.


    Putting it all together


    Once you’ve decided which accessories will make your man excited, you’ll want to put together a good routine to complete your seduction. This might involve buying a pole to dance on. You can also learn to give a good strip tease or lap dance. Don’t be ashamed to show off your assets and strut your stuff. Your man will absolutely love it!


    If you want to learn to dance in this manner, you can consider joining a professional class. You might also want to consider purchasing instructional DVDs. This will teach you all of the moves that you need to know to get your man ready. One advantage of learning to pull off these dances is getting you into shape. While you learn how to properly tease your partner, you’ll also be working wonders on your body and self-esteem. You’d be surprised how well this combination can work to improve your sex life.




    When it comes down to it, you can purchase all the accessories you want. If you don’t have the right attitude, you’ll never get your man ready. Follow an exercise routine and proper diet, properly groom yourself and your confidence will improve significantly. With a high level of confidence, you’ll feel free to wear those skimpy clothes and go half naked in front of your significant other. Once you reach this level of success, you’ll be able to experiment and learn new ways of pleasing your man. You should definitely go for it. If you really love him, you’ll never hold back.

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  • How Stockings Complete an Attractive Outfit

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    How Stockings Complete an Attractive Outfit


    Are you planning that big party or gala, and want to find something special to wear? Well, whatever you choose to wear, be sure to add a sexy pair of stockings. Your man will not be able to take his eyes off of you, all night long. Stockings can add an extra zing to your outfit. Women used to get ridiculed when they chose not to wear stockings with their work wardrobe. A lot of women continued wearing them, even though they were uncomfortable. But with the new styles and designs, stockings can be fun to wear again.


    Stockings in the 60's


    Remember those old granny nylon stockings? Well, I bet if you ask your grandmother about them, she would be able to describe how binding they made her feel. They were so uncomfortable to wear during the summer because they made it feel twenty degrees hotter than it would have without them. The old-fashioned pantyhose felt like they reached all the way up to your neck. During the day, you felt like your circulation was being cut off around the waist area. Restrictive and ugly, pantyhose were required to maintain your modesty in the workplace. 


    Hide Imperfections


    Many women chose and still choose to wear pantyhose to cover blemishes, scars, and varicose veins. Speaking of varicose veins, the sheer nylon pantyhose were prescribed for women that had these problems to prevent them from getting worse.


    New Age Stockings


    No more wearing pantyhose to maintain your modesty or to hide blemishes. Women wear them now because they want to add a new sex appeal to their appearance. With many different types of stockings available in today's market, women can choose a pair to match each outfit in their entire wardrobe. 


    Fishnet Stockings


    Fishnet stockings add a sexy appeal to any type of lingerie. Many women tend to play dress up for their husband or significant other by wearing costume lingerie. Why not become a seductive, dominate woman strutting a pair of these pantyhose. Your partner will go crazy when he sees you wearing a pair of stilettos and fishnet stockings.  They are available in many different colors, to match any sexy outfit whether you are wearing a nurse's costume or a maid's costume. You will find that perfect pair to suit you.


    Thigh High Stockings


    Many women choose to throw on a pair of thigh-high stockings rather than wear a long pair of pantyhose, because they can be less restrictive and cooler in the summer. Most of these have a stretchy band at the top, which ensures to prevent them from falling down while you are being active in your every lifestyle. Some ladies wear them with a garter belt, which gives you more security to prevent them from sliding down the legs. 


    Garterbelt Stockings


    These types of stockings are very convenient for today's women, because the garterbelt is attached to the stockings. This is great because it reduces the time that is required to find a matching pair. The garterbelt stockings are very sexy and your husband will love them. The garterbelt is worn over top of a thong or bikini underwear to give it an extra sexy appeal. They are available in plain nylon, sheer, fishnet, and patterned nylon. Every pair will definitely be flattering added to any type of lingerie.  


    Garter Leggings


    Garter leggings are surely a way to add spice to your love life. These are available in vinyl and leather. The leggings have an attachment that hooks to a pair of panty styled garter. Straddle your lover's motorcycle and invite him on a ride. He will be entranced with your sexual beauty. You will leave him begging for more.


     Pantyhose with a Back Seam


    The black seam that runs down the back of a pair of stockings is definitely a great added feature to give an extra boost to your sex life. These will give your dress suit an added look of professionalism. Whether you are dressing up for your man or going to work, these will make you look sexy and classy. They will match any pair of stilettos that you may wear that day. This will draw much attention to your well fit legs. 


    Wide Lace Garterbelt


    Nothing says sexy more than a wide lace garterbelt. This works great for women that have a few extra pounds that which they want to hide. The wider waist area gives women the extra support that they need when wearing dresses. It will allow you to breathe freely while giving your body a fit look. Not that there is anything wrong with being a plus size, but no one likes a fat roll hanging out above their waist line. This works perfectly with any type of lingerie that you wear. 




    Now with all the beautiful, sexy pantyhose and stockings on the market today, get out there ladies and shop till your heart is content. Keep that significant other in mind. Think about what he would like to see you in tonight. It can be fun and definitely bring excitement to your sex life. Your man will want you to wear those twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. So you have a lot of shopping to do in order to please him. Do not think of pantyhose has a hindrance; think of them as adding pizzazz to your life. There is a continuously changing trend with how pantyhose are being designed today. They are being made to fit a woman, and bring out her sex appeal. Men, do not wait on your woman to buy that sexy lingerie, get out there and do some shopping yourself.


    Nothing says, "I love you" louder than giving your lovely lady a sexy pair of stockings. You are guaranteed a wonderful night, in the bedroom, if you make her happy with your purchase. Do not be ashamed to go in a lady's lingerie shop, because you are guaranteed that you will not be the only male shopper in the store. 

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  • Always important to look sexy all the time

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    Dresses: Not Just for Business


    Sexy Business work dressFor women, it was always important to look sexy. It doesn’t matter whether we’re going to pick our kids up from school or attending an important business meeting. We just want to look good. Of course, it is important to dress appropriately for the occasion, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t dress up and present ourselves in a powerful manner. When attending a business meeting, I want to show off my figure, but present myself in a professional manner. One way to do this is by wearing a dress. Dresses can be professional, sexy or a little of both.


    When to Wear Dresses

    Whether you’re attending a business meeting or going on a first date, you can almost always find a suitable dress. Since these articles of clothing come in a variety of designs, lengths and colors, it is almost always possible to wear a dress. The important thing is to make sure that you choose a dress that will suit your specific needs. It would be somewhat inappropriate to wear an extremely low cut dress to a meeting with your children’s teacher. Instead, wear a professional, color dress that will show off your cheerful personality.



    Types of Dresses

    When it comes to dressing sexy in a dress, you’ll need to choose the appropriate dress. With dresses, you have an endless list of possibilities. With that said, it can sometimes be difficult to choose the perfect dress for the specific occasion. After years of experimentation, we’ve discussed which dresses work appropriately with which specific situations.



    A mini-dress is a short dress that can be sexy and seductive. These come in a variety of different styles and an assortment of colors. These are not suitable for all situations. You should consider wearing a mini dress when you’re going out to party with friends, going on a first date or looking to seduce that man in your life. While dresses are a little less risqué, they can be extremely sexy and very seductive. A lot of men enjoy seeing a woman who dresses in a classic mini dress. While you leave a lot to the imagination, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Instead, you’ll give your man the opportunity to let his mind wonder. The payoff will certainly be worth it in the end.


    Business and Church Dresses

    By looking at the name of these dresses, you can instantly tell that they’re perfect for business and professional occasions. This doesn’t mean that you won’t look sexy. It just means that you’ll look professional and sexy at the same time. I have turned many heads walking into a business meeting and wearing a professional, solid color dress. To show off a little of your figure, you should try finding a dress that will hug your hips. Remember that you don’t have to hide your figure because you’re attending a professional meeting. You never know. You might just improve your chances of getting a raise.


    Open Back Dresses

    We’ve seen them time and time again. Open back dresses are absolutely stunning and extremely seductive. Plus, our men can rip them off of us without much trouble. What more could you ask for? If you watch a celebrate event, such as the Golden Globes, you’ll see a couple of these dress. This is for a good reason. These dresses make a woman gorgeous, while showing off her curves. If you’ve got the body for it, you should definitely consider wearing an open back dress. Your partner will go absolutely wild.Sexy Maxi Dress Gown with rhinestones


    Finding a Dress for Your Specific Body Type

    While we can recommend dress after dress, we cannot determine which dress will work best for your specific body type. This is something that you must find out on your own. It is always important to dress the part. Don’t be ashamed of your body. Don’t be afraid to flaunt your figure. Choosing the right dress for your body type will give you a massive boost in self-confidence. You’ll feel sexier and more beautiful than ever before. While the following information is generalized, it might help you select the right dress for your figure.


    Do you have an hourglass figure? If so, you’ll want to wear a dress that will show off your curves. A pencil skirt will work extremely well in your situation. While this dress will help hide the thickness of your thighs and hips, it’ll give you that sexy appearance that you’re looking for. Are you gifted with a massive rack? Honey, use it to your advantage. Show those suckers off by wearing an ample bosom or a low cut dress. This type of dress will definitely show off your assets and you’ll be turning heads.

    While most women strive to be thin, some are unfortunately a little too thin. If you have a petite frame, you’ll need to find a dress that will make your skinny body look fabulous. While some dresses are made specifically for skinny women, you have to visit a tailor to find the best fitting dress possible. While this can be experience and time consuming, it’ll definitely pay off in the end.

    Don’t get down on yourself if you’re a full figure woman. You can look sexy in a dress too. Don’t be afraid to show off those curves. Find the right dress and your man will go absolutely wild. You’ll be getting some action in no time.




    In the end, dresses can be worn in a variety of different situations. It is possible to wear a dress to a business meeting or a casual date. In order to wear a dress appropriately, you’ll need some self-confidence. Build yourself up and buy a dress that will show off your curves and assets. Honey, don’t be afraid to flaunt that body. There is no shame in showing a little skin and your man will definitely like the idea. When purchasing a dress, just be sure to buy one that will fit your specific body type and you’ll be turning heads every time you enter a room.

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  • Role-Play: Hottest Costumes and Fantasies

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    Role-Play: Hottest Costumes and Fantasies


    Are you tired of that same old sex routine? No time for role-playing or foreplay? A lot of marriages tend to fail because the couple refuses to change their bedroom habits. Men and women stay away from their partner to find someone that is willing to give them what they want sexually. Well, let us eliminate the worry by working on your bedroom routine and spicing it up a bit.




    Role Playing Costumes


    Many couples have fantasies of having sex with different people, in special professions such as; nurses, doctors, maids, and college students. You do not have to be embarrassed to purchase these types of outfits, because millions of women and men alike do. The Internet is a great way to secretly shop for sexy lingerie, sex toys, and hot costumes. The items you purchase will be packaged in a discreet way that no one will know what you bought. So what are you waiting fpr, shop till you are content.


    Sexy Stockings


    Why not add a little pizzazz to your costume by wearing a sexy pair of stockings? Men find women very sexy when they are sporting a pair of thigh high stockings. Do not forget about the garter belt stockings, these are incredibly sexy, and will go with any outfit that you choose to wear that night.



    Sexy Footwear


    Your man will go nuts when he sees you in a pair of thigh high boots with five-inch heels. He will be so turned on by them that you may choose to wear them to bed every night of the week. If he liked the boots, he will fall head over heals in love with you again when you model that Playboy bunny costume while wearing a sleek pair of stilettos. You will be one hot mama that he will never forget. 


    4 Piece Belly Dancer Costume Set - each set


    Couple's Costumes


    Women like role-play as well as men, so why not purchase an outfit for both of you. Ladies like it when their man struts around in a fireman or gladiator costume for them. It takes a lot of guts for a man to rum up the courage and dress up for a lady, but men remember it takes just as much courage for a woman to do the same. So both of you get out there and shop for that a couple's costume. 


    Dominatrix Costumes


    Want to be in control, and don’t have that dominatrix costume? Be sure to have your black leather whip and fuzzy tickler on hand. You want to make sure that bad boy falls into line with your discipline. If he does not behave, then punish him severely. Everyone enjoys getting a spanking once in a while. You will have him eating out of your hand, by the time the night is over.




    Why not change your appearance by wearing a glamorous wig. There are many designs to choose from that will surely match any role-playing costume. If you decide to dress up as a college student, be sure to choose a straight haired glam wig, which is available in many different colors. Turn yourself into a brunette beauty with a seductively longhaired wig. Whatever type of wig, you choose to wear your man will be left in awe.




    One of the most popular sexual fantasies that couples tend to have is pretending to have sex with someone other than their partner, but in reality it is their partner. Just use your imagination and be creative any fantasy can become a make believe reality. A challenge for you and your partner is to dress up to where you are unrecognizable to each other, and meet up at a club or dance hall. Surely you will know him or her when you meet, but you can pretend to be strangers. Take her home and make sweet to her all night long. 


    Feeling freaky tonight? If so, wait till your hubby goes to bed, and surprise him with your new stripper costume. He will probably not want to sleep a wink, because he won’t want to miss a second of your provocative dance moves. It would be guaranteed that he will be wide-awake for the entire love making session. 


     Want to wow your man in the middle of the day. Leave work early, run home, grab that call girl costume and thigh high boots, and pretend to be Vivian Ward, The Pretty Woman and then he will be your Edward Lewis. You will loose track of time in this wonderful fantasy world. 


    Sexy Lingerie


    Are you tired of pretending to be someone else in the bedroom? Just dress down in a sexy teddy. Men are not always expecting you to act as if you are someone else; sometimes they just want to enjoy you as you truly are. Sexy lingerie will add the extra spice that you are looking for without going to the extreme. 


    Vivace 3 pc Mesh Bra, Skirt w/Attached Leg Garters & Head Piece White O/S




    Women, take care of your body so that you can wear that roleplaying costume with confidence. There are many different styles and designs to suit all women of all sizes. Not every man expects his woman to look like a frail thin model. Every man has their fantasies, so try to get him to discuss his desires with you. This will make your sex life a whole lot more fun and better. It will make your partnership or marriage last a lifetime. Communication is the key to a successful relationship. But give in to your man's fantasies and desires, he will definitely show you his appreciation. If you have low self-esteem, these clothes will boost your self-confidence. Add a workout routine into your daily schedule; this will help you tone your body features while losing weight.


    It does have to be anything drastic to change the way your body looks. Tanning also helps make your body look sexier, and can add a sexy new you, especially when you are flaunting yourself in roleplaying costumes. Ask your spouse or significant other to join you in a workout regime; this can turn into a sexual experience for both of you. 

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